Rises to the Challenge

Hot Line Rises to the Challenge on Oakland Substation Project

Hot Line Rises to the Challenge on Oakland Substation Project

Nov 05, 2015

Construction on PG&E's Oakland X Substation is well underway by the Hot Line team. The project, which began March 23 of this year, involves constructing a concrete control building foundation 135' long, 10' wide and 12' deep and includes demolition, excavation and installation of a beam and plate shoring system.

Like all substation construction projects Hot Line undertakes, the Oakland X Substation presented a number of challenges the project team needed to master in order to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Due to the new foundation's footprint size, which takes up most of the working area, getting all of the necessary equipment in position to install the heavy H-beams and steel plates for the shoring system called for extensive planning and thinking outside of the box. Such equipment includes a Komatsu 160 LoDril, Cat 311F excavator, 60-ton crane, 165-ton crane, Digger Derrick line truck and skid steer loader.

Another challenge our team faced was the need to excavate and drill around live conduits along the length of the structure. Hand digging, although tedious, proved the best way to keep workers safe while ensuring no damage occurred to the existing facilities.

"From the day we started the bidding process, we had the challenge of building it in our heads and figuring out the best way to construct it while meeting PG&E's schedule," explains Gary Gonzales, Hot Line's civil district manager. "Our field crews had never done anything like this, so it was a quick learning curve for them. I'm happy to say they met the challenge head on and got it done."

Comprised of experienced pros, the project team includes Brian Simon (estimator and project manager), Don Durbin (general foreman), Adam Olivo (foreman), Jason Pasalich (foreman) and Dave Hensley (operator).

The Oakland X Substation construction project was completed in August, 2015.