Transmission Line

High Voltage <span>Transmission</span>

Overhead and Underground Systems

Hot Line Construction provides installation, removal and maintenance services for high voltage overhead and underground transmission projects.

Challenging transmission projects are our specialty. Our experience with helicopter-aided construction makes us the go-to transmission line contractor for projects in remote locations and environmentally sensitive areas.

Hot Line works safely to deliver results on schedule and within budget while complying with all state and federal agency permit and regulation requirements.

Our transmission capabilities include:

  • Overhead and underground facilities from 60kV to 500kV
  • Wood and steel pole construction
  • Underground cable installation, maintenance and related cable splicing
  • Tower raising

Transmission Projects

As one of the leading transmission line contractors in California, Hot Line provides a full range of services. Take a look at some of our projects:

NERC 230kV T-Line Modification

Fremont, CA

Hot Line performed multiple transmission tower modifications to bring PG&Eā€™s construction standards up to CPUC compliance. This work entailed modifying 230kV lattice towers while the 230kV circuits were energized. Our team was responsible for raising the towers by 15ā€™ to 25ā€™. The construction specifications included vertical leg extension, waist cage extension, cage top extension and dead-end conversions. The project involved helicopter assistance, large cranes and ladder work.

Vega 20 MW PV Solar Plant

Los Banos, CA

Under contract with S&C, Hot Line constructed a solar farm 34.5/69kV collector substation from the ground up, including civil installation, dead-end structure, transmission line pole, disconnect switches, circuit breakers, transformers and oil containment, bus support, feeder bay supports, cable terminations, cap switcher, cap bank, control enclosure, light poles, backup generator, fuel tank, and raceways above and below grade.

PG&E 70Y Transmission Pole Replacement

Northern Sierra Nevada Region and Northern Coastal Mountains, CA

As part of the 70Y PG&E NERC mitigation program, Hot Line replaced 400 deteriorated poles under strict deadlines. Our team procured, managed and installed all materials. We completed the majority of the pole replacements with the use of helicopters, and a good portion of this project was performed under energized conditions.