High Voltage
Substation Construction

Substation <span>Construction</span>

Integrated Design, Construction and Project Management

For nearly three decades, Hot Line Construction has been constructing quality substations for our customers, including major utility providers and private-sector companies.

From planning and design to substation construction and final inspection, Hot Line’s team has the experience and manpower to deliver results that meet your exact requirements while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.

Our substation construction capabilities include:

  • Low voltage metering and controls, both AC and DC
  • High voltage overhead bus cable, tubing, angle and integral web
  • High voltage disconnect switches 4kV to 500kV, both single and gang-operated
  • Motor-operated air switches, circuit switchers and interrupters
  • High voltage metering, coupling capacitor voltage transformers, current transformers and potential transformers
  • High voltage circuit breakers, vacuum and SF6 (4kV to 500kV)
  • Capacitor banks, shunt reactors and series reactors
  • All classes and types of pole-top and pad-mount transformers (120V AC to 500kV AC)
  • Voltage regulation, conversion and static var compensation

Substation Construction Projects

Hot Line has completed substation construction projects for numerous utilities and municipalities throughout California. Here are a few of our past projects:

Bellota Substation

Linden, CA

As part of this substation construction project, Hot Line rearranged the 230kV bus and section breakers; installed a 115/230kV MPAC control building, capacitance coupled voltage transformers (CCVTs) and potential transformers (PTs); and replaced aging equipment such as breakers, switches, insulators, CCVTs and PTs. Work was performed under our contract with ABB.

Wheeler Ridge Substation

Bakersfield, CA

Our team was tasked with increasing the visibility and automation of the Wheeler Ridge Substation through the installation of 230kV modular protection, a 70/115kV MPAC control building, capacitance coupled voltage transformers (CCVTs) and potential transformers (PTs); and the replacement of aging equipment such as insulators, breakers, CCVTs and PTs. Work was performed under our contract with ABB.

Columbia Substation

Pittsburg, CA

The Hot Line team constructed a solar farm 34.5/115kV substation from the ground up, including civil installation, dead-end structure, disconnect switches, transformers and oil containment, transmission line pole, bus support, feeder bay supports, control enclosure, circuit breakers, cable terminations, cap switcher, cap bank, light poles, backup generator, fuel tank, and raceways above and below grade. Work was performed under contract with McCarthy Builders.

Vega 20 MW PV Solar Plant

Los Banos, CA

Under contract with S&C, we were responsible for building a solar farm 34.5/69kV collector substation from the ground up, which included civil installation, dead-end structure, transmission line pole, circuit breakers, disconnect switches, bus support, transformers and oil containment, feeder bay supports, cap switcher, cap bank, cable terminations, light poles, control enclosure, backup generator and fuel tank. Our team installed all raceways, above and below grade.