Civil Construction for
High Voltage Utilities


Electrical Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance Solutions

From conduit networks to concrete substation foundations, Hot Line Construction has the experience and resources to meet your expectations for a sound electrical infrastructure.

Hot Line specializes in completing projects in remote locations and challenging environments. Our experienced team is able to operate in any locale safely and efficiently.

Our civil construction capabilities include:

  • Underground electric transmission and distribution construction and maintenance
  • Rule 20A and 20B construction overhead to underground conversions
  • Substation construction concrete foundations, excavation and grading
  • Deteriorated structure replacement
  • Installation of ducts and structures
  • CIC and direct buried cable replacement
  • Joint trenching

Civil Projects

Hot Line provides electrical infrastructure construction and maintenance for clients throughout California. Take a look at some of our past projects:

Columbia Substation

Pittsburg, CA

Hot Line Construction built this solar farm 34.5/115kV substation from the ground up, which included the installation of concrete foundations for electrical equipment and switchgear. Work was performed under our contract with McCarthy Builders.

Vega 20 MW PV Solar Plant

Los Banos, CA

This ground-up construction project involved all aspects of high voltage construction. The civil portion of the project entailed installing concrete foundations for electrical equipment and switchgear. Work was performed under our contract with S&C.

Oakland X Substation

Oakland, CA

Hot Line's role in this project involved constructing a concrete control building foundation 135’ long, 10’ wide and 12’ deep and included demolition, excavation and installation of a beam and plate shoring system.

Embarcadero Z

San Francisco, CA

We installed a drainage system for fire line discharge and containment.

Fort Hunter Liggett Overhead-to-Underground Conversion Phase 1

Fort Hunter Liggett, CA

This project entailed the installation of a six-duct conduit system, complete with all associated substructures required to convert Route Tampa from overhead to underground. All affected buildings were tied into the new construction.

Erbes Road Overhead-to-Underground Conversion

Thousand Oaks, CA

This two-year project required performing Rule 20 conversion, which involved joint trench installation with Edison, Verizon and Time Warner along Erbes Road. Work included all associated substructures.

Millpoint 12kV/Catalytic 12kV – WCR / Deteriorated Vault Replacements

Carson, CA

We replaced fifteen deteriorated 7’ x 18’ vaults, installed five new 7’ x 18’ vaults, installed all associated ductbank required to perform tie-ins, and replaced inadequate systems where required. Some systems were replaced in place, while others were relocated to meet customer needs.