High Voltage
Construction Services


Hot Line Construction specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of transmission, distribution and substation facilities. We equip our foremen and crews with all the tools, training and support needed to complete all high voltage construction projects efficiently while adhering to rigorous safety and quality standards.


Hot Line is a full-service transmission line contractor, installing, removing and maintaining all overhead and underground transmission facilities up to and including 220kV.


As an experienced power distribution contractor, we routinely perform the installation, removal and maintenance of overhead and underground systems through 33kV.


Our attention to safety, quality and customer satisfaction make us one of the leaders in high voltage substation construction.


Hot Line performs start-to-finish design and construction for all aspects of high voltage projects, including a full suite of civil construction services.

Emergency Response

With more than 20 years of experience providing emergency response services to utility companies, Hot Line is ready and able to handle any emergency that arises.


Hot Line has an experienced and knowledgeable design team, including AutoCAD and drafting personnel.

High Voltage Construction Management

We provide the planning, coordination, inspection and management necessary to control project cost, schedule and quality.